charge your battery through walking

Charge Your Battery

Abundant mental and physical energy coupled with professional and business skills is the key to success. Which level is your energy at work? Is your attention flagging through meetings by 2p.m and the effort to focus seem not budge?

Our professional lives can be rewarding on many levels but not devoid of challenges. Long working hours, stress and strains of demanding and competitive working environment most often than not drains our physical and mental resources – impacting negatively on our well – being and mental resources. Without abundant and sustained energy, theory tends not to translate well into practice and our talents easily end up being wasted. When energy runs low, more effort needs to be used in order to get little done. And most times, it is of less quality. Anyone who owns a smartphone usually know the importance of maintaining charge in its battery. Periodically plugging these devices into the mains is just one of those things we have to do if we want to take advantage of their functionality. Our body is a bit like this too, we can use it to get tasks, duties and responsibilities done but we have to put something back. If we drain our “batteries”, more than replenishing it we can end up suffering from periods of low battery than can put a major brake our productivity? If severe and prolonged enough, this situation can ultimately lead people into a state known as ‘burn out’.


On the brighter side, in an energized and vital state we tend to be able to get more done easily and our work generally are of superior quality. Just like the smartphone, ‘recharging our batteries’ from time to time helps keep us from running flat, that is being burnt out. Battery charging can take form in numerous ways which includes, taking a nap once in a while- sometimes just closing our eyes for just five minutes to let go and sleep makes us feel better than some hours of sleep, exercising which could be taking the stairs if there is ample time instead of the elevator, walking briskly for 15 minutes a day, getting quality sleep (quality sleep means that we practically fall sleep in 30 minutes or less and sleep soundly through the night with no awakening and drift back to sleep within 20 minutes if you do wake up), listening to particular types of music – music is food for the soul, find what suits you best, enjoying time with loved ones, the type of food we eat – the food we eat provides us with fuel and what we eat determine whether we are highly energized and raring to go or we are feeling as though we are wading through treacle, drinking enough water to keep the body hydrated, among others.

To some people doing the above may be deemed as distractions from work and therefore in their minds classify them ‘unproductive’ time. But these are various ways of opportunity to put our smartphones on charge to ensure maximum functionality. This is taking time to relax and recuperate which is essential to our long – term success. Doing this can provide a store of power than can be drawn on when the pressure is on and going gets tough.

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